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The major activities of Environmental Study Centre are


— Sustainable Livelihood

Eco-friendly / sustainable mode of livelihood promotion in schools and community: The KIDS® had adopted 25 schools of its vicinity to develop them as an Eco-friendly school in the district since 2009, during the year2011-2012 it has extended to another 5 school in 2014-15, now totally we are covering 30 schools. We were visiting schools every fortnight and conducting interaction with the Eco-Club children of these schools.  Our programmes, as always are activities based. Each school will have different activities like Gardening, waste management, Paper making, vermi compost making, Solar cookers development, Rainwater harvesting, Medicinal plant and Home medicines awareness, Etc… We have been conducting interaction sessions also.


— Parisara Mitra School

Parisara Mitra School (eco friendly schools): the objective of the programme is learning, understand, educate and disseminate the knowledge of natural resources in a sustainable way.

  1. Literacy on air – as a natural resource, composition and uses
  2. Literacy on water – as a natural resource, energy, health and hygiene
  3. Literacy on soil – as a natural resource, nature
  4. Literacy on energy – as a natural resource, energy
  5. Literacy on teaching and learning methodology in the school environment.

Literacy on health and hygiene

The  Parisaramitra school programme in district Identify 21 schools every year and honoring with Cash award and Citation. This program is partially supported by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), Bengaluru, Karnataka, in Shivamogga district.

Earlier it started with few known regional schools now it has spread widely by the KSPCB Bangalore, the “Eco friendly schools award” program of ESC to all 30 the districts of Karnataka nearly 70,000 schools have adapted eco friendly nature activities. Every year 630 schools were Recognized and Honor with cash award by KSPCB.


— Medicinal plants

As a source of medicine or as adjuvant to ailments, as Shivamogga lies in Western Ghats belt it is enriched with medicinal plant and folklore knowledge is rich we planned to retain medicinal plant and folklore knowledge in the ecosystem, transforming from elderly people to school students by growing medicinal plants in school and home gardens by using in their day to day life as rejuvenator. We are creating the bridge between the traditional Knowledge and school children through this program. Dr.Maithili and her team is guiding the students.


— Environmental literacy

We believe as we are the part of ecosystem with student’s camp, enriching them the service the ecosystem renders to human, and how we need to safe guard them giving a learning option to biodiversity and human. We are conducting the day camps and residential camps throughout the year. The camps are school level, district level, state level and National Level.


— Water literacy education

In this programme we just kept under observation about water as source and usage, with observation and monitoring for the few years we found water literacy (source, storage and use) water sanitation, water hygiene, water contamination, water borne diseases.


— Senior citizen knowledge

Transforming of Senior citizens knowledge (live skill development, human to nature centric, family bonding, and its importance in happy living etc). to the younger generation. We are involving the senior citizens in all our camps. 40 to 50 senior citizens are involving in this venture.


— Training, field work

Environmental Festivals of Environmental Study Centre: We are conducting the World Environment day, the Earth day, the Ozone day, Parisara Ganapathi Festival, Sahyadri day and Senior Citizens day effectively every year.


— Seminars

Conducted several State and National Seminars collaborating with Kuvempu UV, Srikrishnadevaraya, Tumakuru Universities