Climate change
Plant Pheonology

Plant PheonologyUrban tree phenology –   The objective of this study is to characterize the phenological events of urban tree species involving school students since (2009 to till date). To address the same objectives above (1. (A to F).

  • Lichen diversity in urban ecosystem.
  • Forest fire and phenology – we are looking at forest fire incident in sanctuaries as well human habitation based on literature and phenological events.
  • Comparative study of Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, (Karnataka), and Mudumalai wildlife Sanctuary, (Tamilnadu) southern India.
  • To know the dominant and rare species response at southern India with spatio – temporal variation and other abiotic factors.
  • Do life form phenologies vary with change in rainfall and temperature in two sites?
  • leafing phenology (leaf life span) and carbon stock estimation
  • Status of water management in schools of Shivamogga District.
  • Status of eco-friendly environment in the school of Karnataka.